Why California Sun

Discover the benefits of Sun, Spray, and Wellness.
Escape from stress and distractions.
Enjoy relaxing freedom.

What you can expect:

California Sun values our guests! With factory trained service technicians, we ensure our state of the art Sun, Spray and Wellness equipment is well maintained to provide the best possible results leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

A Great Experience:
California Sun is proud to offer the finest selection of services and equipment, including a wide range of Sunbeds, Booths, Sunless Automated Airbrush and incredible Wellness Spa services.

Fabulous Results:
Replacing lamps in our equipment at just 50% of their life Guarantees your California Sun glow never fades!

Our state of the art Sunless Automated Airbrush booths are easy to use and provide airbrush mist technology for a smooth, long lasting, luminous glow.

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