So Much More than Just a Tan

California Sun was established in 1993 by husband and wife team Mike and Ashleigh Blore.
Mike and Ashleigh were tanning to get ready for a vacation, and their experience was anything but impressive. They thought, “We can make this better.” After returning from their trip, they opened up their first salon, which lived up to their vision of offering luxury tanning services at an affordable price. Now, decades later, and with dozens of locations, and multitudes of awards, California Sun is a recognized brand in the Northern California and Reno, Nevada areas. Providing clean, professional environments, our helpful staff is professionally trained to assist in customizing our superior products and services to meet your tanning and spa needs at an affordable price.

What you can expect at every visit:

California Sun pampers our guests! With our own maintenance team, we ensure our state of the art tanning and spa equipment is well maintained to provide optimal results and will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

A Great Tanning Experience: California Sun features the industry’s finest tanning salons and offers a wide variety of services and equipment, including a large range of UV Tanning Beds, booths and Sunless Automated Airbrush Tanning. Fabulous Results: Replacing lamps in our equipment at just 50% of their life Guarantees your California Sun glow never fades! This means you are always receiving the optimum exposure that will produce that deep bronze glow you are looking for. Our state of the art Sunless Automated Airbrush booths are easy to use and provide mist technology for a smooth, long lasting, luminous glow.

Luxurious Spa Pampering: Our Spa Equipment offers multiple beneficial factors that are designed to help generate a relaxing, more confident state of well being.

Discover the Benefits of Red Light Therapy: Reclaim your beautiful skin! Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles ▪ Minimize Acne and Acne Scars ▪ Even Out Skin Tone ▪ Promote Collagen Production* *When used with Red Light products.

Infrared Therapy: Tone and Tighten ▪ Lose Weight ▪ Soothe Sore Muscles ▪ Relaxing Massage ▪ Holistic Cleansing ▪ Muscle Recovery

Fujimi Zero Gravity Massage: Luxurious Full Body and Foot Massage. Rejuvenate, Relax, and Escape.
Improve tanning results by stimulating blood circulation.

Beautiful and Clean Environment: Tanning beds and spa equipment are always professionally cleaned immediately following a session, and plush towels and peppermints are just an added benefit to our guests.

Best in Customer Service: If your experience was not what you expected, simply let us know and we’ll make it right: Every Customer, Every Time!

Educated, Helpful Associates: All California Sun associates undergo extensive training at our corporate training facility. Feel free to ask for tanning or spa tips, suggestions, and observations on all services and products. After all, we’re customers too!

Great Selection: Every salon is fully stocked with fabulous products that will ensure that the tan received at California Sun is always its most beautiful. We also offer products to help maintain healthy looking skin and longer lasting tans.

Boutique Apparel and Accessories: Our full line of apparel and accessories offer a unique chic look at prices that will allow you to splurge. Stand out from the crowd with our modern, trend setting styles.

The sun is always shining here at California Sun.
Come by and experience the difference for yourself. See It, Live It, Love It!

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