Clubs and Memberships

Sun, Spray, Spa

California Club

Home of the 99¢ tan. Enjoy tanning convenience with our Base Level equipment, discounts on upgrades and Spa sessions, plus the benefits of our E-Club offers at a low monthly fee. Guests who just want to get a tan at a reasonable rate enjoy the wonderful convenience of the California Club.

Sunless Club

For those who favor Spray Tans. Our Sunless Automated Airbrush booth provides an even, streak-free, natural looking golden glow that will be sure to turn heads. Obtain a quick, easy, natural looking bronze tan, that is 2 to 3 shades darker, from our Automated Airbrush Tanning equipment with fine-mist technology. Receive discounts on Sunbed Tanning and Spa Sessions, plus enjoy the benefits of our E-Club offers. See Sunless Tanning Services for more information.

Ambassador’s Club

For Guests who enjoy the exclusive, full access Tanning and Spa pampering experience! Ambassador’s Club Members are treated like royalty. Ambassador’s Club includes ALL of the above clubs, PLUS full access to all Sunbed Tanning equipment including Base, Build, and Bronze Levels for that quicker, richer tan.

For a gorgeous Sunless Glow our Sunless Automated Airbrush Booth offers fine-mist technology. Enjoy an even, streak-free, natural looking golden glow that will be sure to turn heads. Obtain a quick, easy, natural looking bronze tan, that is 2 to 3 shades darker.

Renew, Relax, and Escape with Spa sessions. All equipment is clean, well maintained by our own maintenance crew, and located in private rooms for a soothing, personal experience. Our Spa sessions include the following:

Red Light Therapy: Reclaim your beautiful skin! Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles; Promote Collagen Production; Smooth Skin Tone; Minimize Scars and Acne* (*When used with Red Light products). Red Light Therapy is a warm, comforting experience that has numerous beneficial factors that reaches far beyond what we listed, with prominent researchers backing the positive results.

Total Body Enhancement: All the benefits of Red Light Therapy with the added benefits of Vibra Shape. Tone, tighten, and diminish the development of cellulite while wrapped in Red Light.

Infrared Trim Pod: Build a better body! Escape into encapsulating warmth! Our Infrared Trim Pod offers a myriad of physical and psychological benefits: Lose Weight, Tone and Tighten, Stimulate Muscle Recovery, Soothe Sore Muscles, Holistic Cleansing, Relaxing Massage, Reduce Stress, and more. Great for Athletes of all levels and non-athletes looking to ease pain or simply relax!

Wellsystem Dry Water Massage: The heated dry water platform along with massage jets and aroma-therapy are the perfect combinations to offer one of the most peaceful, soothing massage experiences around. Decrease Muscle Tensions; Correct Muscular Imbalances; Optimize Muscle Tone; Improve Local Blood Circulation and Metabolism; Venous and Lymphatic Unblocking; Loosen Subcutaneous Tissue.

Zero Gravity Full Body and Foot Massage: Rejuvenate, Relax, and Escape. It’s just that amazing! Our luxurious Zero Gravity Massage experience pampers sore muscles, improves muscle recovery time, soothes away stress, and rejuvenates tired feet. It also improves tanning results by stimulates blood circulation. Try this incredibly posh massage chair and melt into total comfort.

In addition, for those who love the social atmosphere, Ambassador’s Friends Tan FREE. Plus, Extra Bonuses Include 25% off Apparel and 25% off Lotions, Bronzers and other products. Ambassador’s also receive occasion FREE gifts and the benefits of our E-Club offers. With all the additional perks, the Ambassador’s Club is truly our best deal wrapped up in Royal Luxury.